Friday, April 17, 2009

My first Pit Bull

I rescued Patch from a terrible situation. He was thrown from a back of a pick up truck, covered in mange, scarred and terrified. He ended up at my work place. At first I dont know who was scared more, me or him.

I read about all those Pits, you know the ones, the 2000lb bite pressure, locking jaws, attacking humans for no reason. Yeah all those lies some of the media perpetrates. I never had any contact with a Pit Bull before.

All my rescues were dogs other than Pits, and a couple of horses. I took a chance and started feeding this killer dog. He responded to me, very shy but he was the one that came to me when he saw me at work.

The work place was unsafe for him, I found out some into about Pit Bulls and asked my husband if we could take him home.

My Husband has a very kind heart as well, so off this pibble went. We bathed him, fixed his wounds, took him to the vet for neuter and shots. One year later he is adorable, very very loving.

He now has trust again in people and I love him with all my heart. He gets along so well with our other dogs and he is now in obedience training. He is very smart. I am hoping that some day he will be a therapy dog but his shyness may prevent him from this.

I don't really care if he can't go on to therapy dog. He is my therapy dog and he means the world to me.

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