Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A year with Patch my pibble

It has been a little over 1 year since we rescued Patch and our lives have changed forever.

Before Patch or B.P. none of our dogs were really trained. Everyone did as they pleased. Chaos reigned in our house!

After Patch, things have taken a step up. Because he was a Pit Bull I sought out a website to help me understand him, and ended up at PBRC.

Now they (PBRC) talked about NFL ( what the heck is that if wondered) and training, and crating. All foreign concepts here so far. After much reading I had to concur that perhaps this information would benefit Patch and our other dogs.

So I tried NFL, oh that works I said to myself. This is good. Next we got Patch into formal obedience training, nothing fancy just the basics and while we were at it, started to train the other 4 dogs. That was rolling along and again I thought to myself, this is good.

Now B.P. our yard was fenced only with an electric fence to keep the horses out, but as you know the dogs could easily remove themselves from our yard and run fun as a bird. Not a bad thing unless you like to run the risk of them coming back home injured or worse. I kept hearing how Pit Bulls should not be running loose, and should be contained and supervised.

Ok, this is the perfect opportunity to get that back yard fenced. So now we have a fully enclosed back yard. No more worries. When we were installing the fence Patch watched our every move. I don't know what he was thinking but he knew something was up.

On the first trip away from him, he standing looking out the gate in his newly fenced yard, I wondered how long this would hold him. Good news, he likes his yard. Plenty of toys, he has his crate to go in if he feels like some alone time and he is safe.

I have learned about BSL, all the myths that surround Pit Bulls and have taken up the indulgence of the plight of the Pit Bull. Every chance I get to dispel all the wrong information about this wonderful breed I grab.

Sometimes it is an uphill battle as I find some people are just plain stupid! Unwilling to learn about Pit Bulls or accept the fact these are not monsters but intelligent and loving animals. Because of Patch, a little Pit Bull no body wanted and literally threw him away, I have been introduced to the wonderful world of Pitties.

I know the love and companionship of a Pit Bull, I get to see that great big Pittie smile, but mostly when I look into his eyes I no longer fear Pit Bulls. I see a spirit that has captured my soul and my heart forever. I have been bitten by the Pit Bull bug and with that my friends I will be forever thankful. Thank you my beautiful Pittie boy, Patch.

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  1. Awww what a cutie pibble xx My sister is a pibble. Big Pibble fan here xxx